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As with most things these days, finding the time (and importantly the inclination) to tackle that dripping under sink drain, slamming door closer, loose banister or cracked paving slab can be annoying. More so, when it comes to living or working around broken or malfunctioning building fabric - the "annoyance" may become dangerous.

Yes, you may be saving money leaving it for now, however, in time, the examples described will deteriorate, cost more to fix and could result in an accident.

Why wait until theres time for you to get around to it?

Here's some suggestions

Identify: Make a list for all the things that are broken or need attention - remembering, you may not have access to male or female washrooms (for example)

Prioritise: Whats urgent, dangerous or just cosmetic

Source: Find a reliable, honest company to go through your list and to quote

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